Mobile Marketing Tip: How $50 A Day Turns Into ENDLESS Leads From Advanced Mobile Marketing

Stop looking at Google AdWords as the only way to start generating traffic to your lead generation pages. Please. Here’s a great mobile marketing tip no matter how large your business, no matter how limited your budgets for marketing. (How does $50 a day sound?)

The biggest problem that I see happening in the world of mobile advertising techniques is that business owners are far too in love with their home page to be able to make the right decision as to where to send prospective customers. It does NOT MATTER that your website cost you eight thousand and that it has Flash movies embedded into it.

Your job as you start to use mobile tactics that work is to build lead generation SYSTEMS that you can turn on and let run. For this to happen best, and if you know that you suddenly have an unlimited amount of targeted traffic available to you at about 6 CENTS PER CLICK, then you need to start steering that mobile ad traffic to pages that are going to incentivize them to act.

The big players call these CPA pages. Cost Per Action pages. And on them is where you collect a name or a zip code or an email (email being the lowest hanging fruit.)

To get that person to want to know more about what makes you so different, and this really is the mobile marketing tip that few of you will act on, you need to BRIBE them.

Yes, he said “bribe.”

And I said bribe because that is what works.

By offering that new person something of real value (think a pdf of your best thoughts in your niche) you instantly create “stick marketing” and you start to build a relationship that can turn into sales.

There is no mobile marketing guide out there that is the bible of the business. But if you ask the mobile marketing CPA experts, they will tell you that to get people to opt in to your new business, you need to give away some of your best content…things of real value.

Mobile marketing lead generation works if you understand the philosophy behind it. The best mobile marketing tip I ever got was to do whatever it took for someone to want my content so that I could start to get them into a marketing dialogue.

Take the tip.

It’s free.

(Oh, by the way, all of this is available by spending a mere $50 a day on the biggest mobile platform on the web, and the one that Google just happens to now own.)

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